Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Scandal: Why isn't Cynthia McKinney a part of the Presdential Debates?

Can you imagine the ratings?:

Ed Morrisey at Hot Air tries to debunk McKinney's claims, but look at Cynthia's eyes. She knows something!

Or maybe she is just batshit crazy.

Either way, about the only way I am going to bother watching the next Presidential Debate is if Cynthia is invited.


B Smith said...

Ohmymotherfuckinggoodness. Cynthia McKinney is a SERIOUS contender for the 'Madonna Award For Celebrities You've Long-Since Stopped Caring About Who Won't Go Away'.

Ugh. Turn it off.

Nigel said...


We loves our Cynthia over here!

Now that Rosie O'Fat is off the scene, where else can we get our crazy batshit conspiracy theories?

Alex Jones does not have his show syndicated here in San Diego...and Air America and the Randi Rhodes show was pulled for yet another sports talk station.

B Smith said...

Well, alright. I guess it's (slightly) better than doing meth.
Just try not to get hooked, k? I'd have to kill you for your own good :-D