Monday, October 13, 2008

Why Do I Watch This Stuff?

Might as well have been marching down the street with yellow star of David armbands on the streets of Berlin circa 1938. Am I exaggerating? Maybe. But these "liberal progressives" should take a good hard look at themselves. Aren't they into that? Self discovery? Or does that kind of deep introspection stop when they see that seething, spitting, finger-flipping, obscenity-spewing animal in the mirror?

I give you The Angry Mob for Peace. Forgive my sacrilege, but you may want to say your Holy Orwells.


B Smith said...

What pisses me off is, these morons will get exactly what they yearn for, sooner or later---a fucking socialist 'workers' paradise' where the glorious leaders ensure that everyone is treated equally: just like shit. And they will drag this greatest of nations down the drain with them.
Why the fuck can't they just go to China, or the former Soviet Union, if they like that shit so much? Someplace that's already a socialist shit-hole?
Rich, overeducated, elitist douchebags. There isn't a level of hell low enough.

The Terminator said...


This should be all over the news.
It's satanic.

It's amazing how the few idiots in the right wing protests get features of covers, and the galactus of fascist leftists both in the real world and the net are entirely ignored.

Fuck I'm mad.