Monday, October 6, 2008

Building the Goose-Stepping Obama Youth

Because of Obama, I am responding to be cynical A-hole.


Nigel said...

It amazes me that at least half our country has become so brainwashed that they cannot see what is happening...

Or perhaps they do, but they just hate conservatives so much they don't care.

B Smith said...

Geeez, this gives me the creeps.
Can you imagine the time and effort it took those kids to memorize and rehearse that little display? For a POLITICAL CANDIDATE?
(I can't help but think what might be if they'd spent that amount of time studying toward their stated professional goals.)
This is the face of 'change' and 'hope'??? Terrifying.

Yiddish Steel said...

Yes it is indeed, Brhino. Hope & Change... And a little bit of history repeating itself. Just like the Little Moonbat Choir from Malibu last week, to the Goose-Stepping Obama Scouts. Absolutely disturbing. The problem with the 50% that blindly follow this phony Hope & Change Bandwagon, not a one of them comprehended or retained a thing in their U.S. or World History High School Classes.

B Smith said...

U.S. or World History? As it's taught today, that's apparently the history of the Evil White Devils who so cruelly subjugated other parts of the world in their naked greed and lust for power...ugh.
And you're a racist if you suggest that, just maybe, white people MIGHT have had one or two good ideas along the line, or that the Capitalist system in this Grand Republic might be responsible for some good in the world...who'd have thought?
(/sarc) said...

I am horrified at the fact that you would post something like this. Can't we just stick to the issues? Obama as Hitler? Really? This is the best intelligent arguement to present? This is lower than playground tauting.

Nigel said...


You're "horrified" at a snarky post on an insignificant blog?

Why aren't you "horrified" at the indoctrination of these poor kids who are marching and chanting the name of the Obamessiah?

Tell me you haven't heard liberals call Bush "Bushitler" over the past 8 years...and he doesn't have followers acting like Hitler youth.

Why aren't you "horrified" when even younger children are herded in to sing a paen to Obama that sounds creepily like the children singing to the "Great Leader" in North Korea?

Why aren't you "horrified" when the Obama campaign uses imagery similar to that used by communists and socialists over the past 100 years?

Why aren't you "horrified" that a Chicago-raised politician (read Chicago political history) with a trail of corruptocrats surrounding his career path, is about to become the most powerful man on the planet?

I could go on and on. But I shant.